Thursday, March 01, 2007

March, The Third Month

These two pictures are pages from my CD-sized desk calendar that I first described to you yesterday. Both are for the month of March, the one above for Florida, the one below for Ohio. The shot of the pelican above is one that I've always been proud of. You've got to just hope that something like that turns out for you. I pointed, shot, and kept my fingers crossed the whole rest of the evening. The land you see out on the horizon is Ft. De Soto, an old military base south of St. Petersburg that's been turned into a recreational area and is consistently rated as the top beach in the continental US. I shot this from what used to be the north approach to the Sunshine Skyway, but was turned into a giant fishing pier after the old bridge was destroyed in a freighter collision. The new bridge was built slightly to the East of the old one, so they could keep what was left of the old span open during construction. The shot below is the skyline of Cleveland, as shot from the Hope Memorial Bridge. This was my first time wandering alone in downtown, and I must have spent hours walking for miles and miles, back and forth across the whole town. By the end of that day, I was just happy to get home and fall asleep, I didn't care how my pictures turned out.

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