Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Catching Up-Part 2

As I mentioned just a few seconds ago, I'm trying to catch up and show you my monthly calendars before the start of the new month tomorrow. This post is the pictures for February, which technically aren't late, since it's still February for another 3 hours or so... Anyhow, the shot above is a statue of Lincoln near the library in downtown Cleveland. I'm not entirely sure what Lincoln's connection to Cleveland is, but there he is. If you're wondering about the little red S&B logo, that's the company I work for. They're hanging the complete set of calendars on the wall at their various plants both in Florida and Ohio. These quite the conversation starters with the customers, except when the customers want to know why they don't have pictures of stuff we make. But that's neither here nor there. The shot below is a little blue heron looking for a spot of dinner near Ballast Point on Tampa Bay. The out-of-focus cityscape in the background is downtown Tampa, Florida, about 5 or 10 miles in the distance. Maybe I should check that, since I'm really not sure how far it is...

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