Thursday, March 01, 2007

The First Few Days Of March

Here's the calendar page for the few days of this week that happen to fall in March. The rather localized storm you see above occurred over Sarasota, Florida, on either July 3rd or 4th of last year. I don't remember exactly what day they had their fireworks display, but I do remember that as being the reason I was on City Island waiting for the sun to set. This storm moved in an almost straight line from where it formed, just behind the downtown area in the picture, over the downtown, then straight at me. I had to spend 10-15 minutes in the car about 10 minutes after this shot was taken in an attempt to stay dry. It was pretty fast moving, and was long gone by the time the fireworks finally started.

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Sunlion said...

Ernie (Not Bert),

These are wonderful photos. The rain over Sarasota is an awesome shot. Truly the kind of storm where it could literally be raining on one side of the street, and not the other.

Thank you for sharing the photos!