Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Two For Tuesday, Lucky Number Seven

It's Tuesday already, so I'm sharing out a couple of tracks with you, just to make sure I stay busy. The theme today is western music by artists you don't usually think of when you think western. The first track is Riders In The Sky by Morton Gould And His Orchestra from Wagon Wheels (Columbia Masterworks ML 4858, 1955 or 1956). You expect to hear The Sons Of The Pioneers doing this track, but not Morton Gould. Most of his repertoire is classical. Similarly out of his comfort zone is Lawrence Welk doing the theme to the old TV show Wagon Train, called, appropriately enough, (Roll Along) Wagon Train from TV Western Theme Songs (Coral CRL 757267). I don't remember the show, but the theme seems catchy enough. Here's the link for these two tracks. Hope you enjoy 'em!

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Stephen said...

A couple of nice tracks there, Ernie. Thanks!