Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This Week In 1958

I know that a lot of you are sitting around on this Valentine's Day asking yourself "What songs were on the charts in Chicago this week back in 1958?", and surprisingly enough, I've got the answer for you. I found the piece of paper above inside a record at a Goodwill store and I've been waiting until this week to share it with you. It had actually fallen out of a record when I found it, so I can't tell you which record it actually came from. I doubt if it was any of the ones on the list. I guess this was a weekly list compiled by WJJD that you could pick up at your local record store. It's serialized, so I guess you won something if they called out your number on the radio. So what was the top tune in Chi-town this week way back when? The Silhouettes-Get A Job. What a time this must have been. Elvis is on the list right alongside Sinatra. Ricky Nelson, Patti Page, The McGuire Sisters, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, The Platters... Well, maybe not the absolute best time, since the Beatles were still half a decade away. There are some records and artists on here that I haven't heard of. Who are Billie & Lillie? Johnnie Pate? Betty Johnson? And some of the songs that have escaped me for all these years, She's Neat, Henrietta, Little Blue Man, Bad Motorcycle? Somebody needs to hook me up with some of these songs. Click on the image above to see a larger version. Anybody know all of these tracks? I know there are some real record hounds out there. Show me your chops!


Luis Torres said...


Here are two of the three tracks you pointed out


Ernie said...

Thanks, Luis! I recognize the Little Blue Man track now. I think I have that on a Dr. Demento collection somewhere. I would never had suspected such a track could make it onto the charts, even locally. I can't say I'm too impressed with the Lillie & Billie track, though. At least I can say I've heard it now. Thanks again!

Commander Salamander said...

Ernie, all the radio stations owned by Plough incorporated had survey charts that look exactly like that one you posted. I have almost all the WCAO (Baltimore) Charts from 1956-1965 and all the ones from the 50's have the exact same formula, fonts, slogans and serial number concepts. For me a great time to be kid growing up - radio stations had all formats in one. I loved collecting those charts, which were usually found at the front counter of the music store where you could purchase your singles in either 45 or 78.

Billie and Lille were famous for doing topical songs - they would include all the popular song titles of the day in their songs. One of their follow ups, Lucky LadyBug was in the same vein as La De Dah.