Sunday, August 28, 2005

Oodles of Doodles CVIII

This may be a small doodle, but there's a bit of a history here I wanted to share. This fireman's hat and instruments are from Firehouse Five Plus Two-Goes To Sea (Good Time Jazz Stereo S10028, 1958). The curious thing here is that the members of this group were all animators working for Walt Disney way back in the golden age of the Disney studios. The biggest name here is Ward Kimball, with the others being Danny Alguire, George Probert, Frank Thomas, Dick Roberts, Ralph Ball, George Bruns & Eddie Forrest. The liner notes mention maybe half a dozen previous albums, of which I think I may have one somewhere. I bought that one without knowing any history of the group, but it featured Walt Kelly & Pogo on the back cover, so I knew there had to be something interesting going on inside. I've also seen a double-CD retrospective of the group, but it was in a used shop and missing one of the discs. I suppose this goes to show that you can be talented in more than one area.

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