Sunday, January 03, 2021

46-More Santa Songs

Another day, another batch of songs featuring the big guy, Santa Claus.  This follows on from two other collections of songs featuring St. Nick, or Father Christmas, or Papa Noel or whatever name you happen to prefer for the big man with the beard.  He's the most popular secular Christmas character we've got, and there are no shortage of songs that feature him or mention him in some way, so it was easy to put together another collection for him. And if you think the quality of the shares has gone down this late in the season, think again.  There's great stuff here. The very first selection shown, The Story Of Santa's Kewtee Bear, well that one alone features Fred Flintstone and Betty Boop telling the story of Santa's unknown and wisecracking little helper, Kewtee Bear. Who else could tell Santa that the chimneys didn't get smaller, he got fatter! There's even a bit of calypso here just to see if you're still paying attention.  All this goodness comes to us from the vast collection at The Internet Archive, and I thank them profusely for it. I find new goodies over there around every bend in the road. And I'm sure you'll find new goodies to enjoy in today's download!



Buster said...

As a spectacular close to the year, you should do a post entirely consisting of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" records.

Ernie said...

I wish! The IA is deep, but it's not infinite. :)

Krizzy said...

Been enjoying this year's selections. Thank you for your efforts. It is a pleasure every year to go to your site and find new goodies. Thanks again.