Tuesday, January 05, 2021

48-Generic Christmas

As the title says, a somewhat generic collection of songs for you today, tied together only by the word Christmas in the title. I've cycled through all the themes I can think of for the years, and there's only so much left in the pile to share. There are too many versions of some songs that are only borderline Christmas, and I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to share them all out. We'll see how that situation resolves itself, but in the meantime, this is a good selection of Christmas music for you, starting with just one song off the record above, that is not chimes no matter what the label says. I also tracked down the artist name from another release on Waldorf, with a little help from my buddy Lee. (Thanks, Lee!) I'm sure there's a little something here for everyone, and you all need to know that I got the music from the collection over at The Internet Archive. Check 'em out! And enjoy this Christmas music, even though the big day has already passed.



Signore Glorioso said...

"Bow-Wow Wants a Boy for Christmas"... i'm guessing that's a Steve Allen co-writing credit?

Ernie said...

Could certainly be, though I don't think he ever recorded it. Sorta sounds like his style, compared to his other Christmas songs.

I see another familiar name, Skylar, on the Sammy Kaye track. That name has popped up time and again this season, I suppose I should look it up and learn more.

Mac said...

What a wonderful version of night before Christmas - both the complete story and the Artie version - both keepers for sure - and while I had xmas island - that is one clean copy for sure.

Thanks again for all that you do