Wednesday, January 06, 2021

49-Scoop Number Five

By now you know the drill. A group of songs shared out under the heading 'Scoop' is just a random collection with no rhyme or reason. There's a little bit of everything in here that I just lumped together, and I think there are going to be a lot more collections like this as the season begins to wind down.  Too hard to come up with a theme when I have a limited selection of songs left to share. But there are still great songs in here, don't get me wrong. The collection over at The Internet Archive is amazingly diverse and immensely large, but it's still a finite resource. All things must come to an end, but not just yet. Keep checking back for more, but in the meantime, enjoy this random selection of music from 78!



Buster said...

Another excellent collection! Many thanks for Miss Frances, who was a favorite of mine when I was a young sprout.

Ernie said...

I'm thinking that calling it Ding Dong School was a big mistake... Or maybe that's where the phrase comes from, I don't know.

Buster said...

Good question - I don't know either.