Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Johnny Nash, RIP

Was sad to see that Johnny Nash passed away yesterday, though to be honest, I didn't know he was still alive. The news was kind of overshadowed by the death of Eddie Van Halen on the same day, but he never released any Christmas music, while Nash released this album back in 1969. I don't know why it's so unknown today, but I have a copy of it, and I've been sharing it with you since 2008. (This is a remaster I did in 2012, but didn't share until 2018, so it's at a pretty decent bitrate, if you care.) He may have only had the one hit song with I Can See Clearly Now, but it was such a great song that he's well remembered today. Maybe this great Christmas album will demonstrate for you that he had a career outside of his one-hit-wonder status.  This is Johnny Nash-Prince Of Peace (JAD JS/1001, Stereo, 1969). Enjoy!

1. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
2. Prince Of Peace
3. Away In A Manger
4. Mary's Little Boy Child
5. The Borning Day
6. The Christmas Song
7. Sweet Little Jesus Boy
8. Medley: Silent Night-Oh Holy Night
9. Go Tell It On The Mountain



Brett Alan said...

Thanks for sharing. I've often wanted to hear this album.

"I Can See Clearly Now" is the big song he'll always be remembered for (not to mention that it's the first time most of us heard Bob Marley & The Wailers, who are the band on it), but it's certainly not his only hit. "Hold Me Tight" was a big one and an important record in bringing authentic reggae to the American charts. I like it even more than "Clearly". He had a couple other hits including a version of "Stir It Up" as well.

swish said...


Buster said...

Hey, a rare October post!

Nash started off as a crooner. I have some of those albums; I should revisit them.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I had no idea he was 80 years old. I didn't realize he was in his 30s when "Clearly Now" came out.

Kwork said...

Thank you so much. Rest in peace.

siys said...

Found the new post. Thank you very much!