Saturday, July 20, 2019

Christmas In July 2019-Part 52

Well, the weekend is half over, and I've gotten very little of the things done that I had hoped to accomplish by this time.  I guess have to take next week of of work, think that will be OK?  Maybe not, but I can dream.  Anyone want to hire me to play with Christmas music on a full-time basis? I've got to be better at it than some of these budget labels.  Anyhow, here are ten more Christmas songs for your weekend enjoyment.

1. Jascha Heifetz, Violinist, With Emanuel Bay At The Piano-Ave Maria from Heifetz Encores (RCA Victor Red Seal LM1166, Mono, 1952). I see where I listed this as track 43 in the metadata instead of 13.  And there are 15 tracks on the LP total.  If you want to change that in your copy, please do.  I've found so many typos this year, it's just embarrasing.

2. James Dukas-Christmas from Holidays Holidays (Golden Records LP 250, Mono).  Just a little spoken word bit that led into a medley I shared with you earlier this season.

3. Ursuline Academy Glee Club-Director, Sister Pius Dowd, OSU-Piano, Mrs. Bailey Guard-Hallelujah Chorus from Spring Into Song (Recorded Publications Company JZ-88621/88622 (Bethesda, Maryland), Mono). Wasn't someone complaining last year that I didn't have enough versions of The Hallelujah Chorus in the mix?  I hope I've made up for that a little this year.

4. Northwestern College Male Chorus-Arnold O. Lehmann, Director-Little Drummer Boy from Northwestern College, Watertown, Wisconsin, Male Chorus (Recorded Publications Company Z-27011/27012, Mono).  Just found this LP a day or two ago, but I see where I've shared other music from this school before.

5. German Kaliope-Oh, How Joyfully (O Sanctissima) (Played Without Bells, Then With The Bells) from The Charm Of The Old Music Box-Rare Old Music Boxes From The A. Hacker Collection (Yesterday's Amusements/Premier Film & Recording Corporation 13993, Mono).  Every time I think I'm done with the music boxes, another one pops up.

6. The Combined Choirs Of St. Mary's Visitation Church, Dickson City, Pa.-Pół Noc Już Była-'Twas At Midnight from Midnight Mass At St. Mary's (Dub Recording Company D.D. 1155/1156, Mono, 1965).  If you listen to these Polish Christmas carols enough, you kinda like 'em.

7. George Feyer, Piano And Harpsichord, With Rhythm Accompaniment-Waltz Of The Flowers From Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite from Echoes Of Childhood-For Children Six To Sixty-Six (Vox 10" 33 RPM VX 710, Mono, 1954).  This is the track that I first noticed on this LP.  The others I shared were the songs I noticed after I pulled it out to record it.  That happens more often than you might expect.

8. Josef Locke With Chorus & Orchestra And Organ Conducted By Robert Carruthers-Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) (In Latin & English) from A Tear, A Kiss, A Smile-The Best Of Josef Locke Volume 3 (EMI (UK) GO 2042, Stereo, 1992).  Lot of songs from this guy this year, for someone I've never heard of. But I guess you can't know everything or everyone.

9. Redlands High School Concert Choir And Chamber Singers-Wilbur H. Schowalter, Director-Christ Is Born from 1972-1973 Redlands High School Concert Choir And Chamber Singers (Custom Fidelity CFS-3256, Stereo, 1973).  I should look this school up, they sure are prolific.

10. Conducted By Michael Sweeney-Frosty The Snow Man from Hal Leonard Concert Band 1989-1990 (Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation 2xLP 85060087, Stereo, 1989).  Last, and maybe least, our demo track for the day.  Enjoy!

Another good collection in the can!  Have a listen!


Buster said...

You're so productive, a few typos are sure to creep in!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

"Oh, How Joyfully" is gorgeous! Gorgeous fidelity, too. Hope I don't sound sexist, but the all-female Hallelujah Chorus doesn't do it for me. It's pretty amateurish, too. (Everyone loves a critic.) They sound like they're not going to make it through the closing portions. Cool Golden Records track. The narrator neglected to mention that Thor is one of the inspirations for Santa Claus (red suit, gift-giver who comes down the chimney). Someone cussed me out on line for pointing this out, but he was the usual drive-by troll--interested only in anonymously insulting someone, not in actually discussing anything. Locke is nice, but no John McCormack. The Redlands High School Choir is terrific. As for "Ave Maria," the Schubert doesn't do it for me--the Bach-Gounod is THE "Ave Maria" to me. (I can go float a boat? Wha...??) This is, of course, beautifully played. Thanks for these!

Ernie said...

Well, they can't all be winners. I like to think that I'm sharing out more winners that losers this year though. :)