Sunday, July 14, 2019

Christmas In July 2019-Part 32

Happy Sunday to you! Are you here for the Christmas music?  Good, because that's all I've got for you today.

1. Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians-Glee Club And Orchestra-Jane Wilson, Soloist-Ave Maria from Songs Of Devotion (Decca DL 8670, Mono, 1958).  Pretty sure there's another Ave Maria on this same disc.  I guess they were devoid of ideas or perhaps they couldn't make up their mind as to which to include.

2. Leif Erickson, Narrator, With Dramatic Cast-The Birth Of Christ from Bible Stories, Volume VII-The Birth Of Christ/The Good Samaritan (Cricket (Pickwick)/The Library Of Sound Education CR-207, Mono).  A side-long retelling of the birth of Christ.

3. Ursuline Academy Glee Club-Director, Sister Pius Dowd, OSU-Piano, Mrs. Bailey Guard-Carol Of The Drums from Spring Into Song (Recorded Publications Company JZ-88621/88622 (Bethesda, Maryland), Mono). Not sure why their carol is about multiple drums when most other versions are about a single drum.  Special, I guess.

4. Walter Gieseking-Children's Corner Suite No. 4: Snow Is Dancing from Children's Corner-Suite Bergamasque (Angel 35067, Mono). Another part of another suite. I've got quite a few pieces like this for the year, don't I?

5. Billy Leibert And His Orchestra-Cold, Cold Heart from Billy Leibert And His Romantic Country Strings (Capitol T1656, Mono, 1962).  The old Hank Williams song.  Certainly not Christmas, but at least it has the world cold in the title. I wonder if this guy is any relation to Dick Leibert?

6. The Luther-Annes-Dashing Thru The Church from Dashing Thru The Church (Fortress Records 12-1143-74/CSM-770, Mono).  Another satirical track for all the Lutherans out there.

7. Kay Lande, Alan Cole, Hunter Payne And The Carillon Singers-It's A Holiday from About, Volume 1 (Columbia-Children's Record LIbrary CR 21533, Mono).  Our second and final track from this record for the kiddies.

8. June Christy-Orchestra Conducted By Pete Rugolo-Love Turns Winter To Spring from Gone For The Day (Capitol T902, Mono, 1962).  I may have mentioned this the last time I shared out this track, but I've never stumbled across a copy of June's Christmas album.  Someday...

9. Mira Music Box-Silent Night from The Charm Of The Old Music Box-Rare Old Music Boxes From The A. Hacker Collection (Yesterday's Amusements/Premier Film & Recording Corporation 13993, Mono). Wish I had found more music boxes this year, but almost all of my songs come from one side of this same album.

10. Unknown Artist-Born This Day from Choral Celebration Vol. VIII (Jensen Publications JP-6400, Stereo, 1985).  The one and only stereo selection of the day, and it's one of those greatly foreshortened demo recordings.  Oh, well.

That's it for the morning share.  Come back later for more.  Here's the download link.


Buster said...

I was wondering when you would start sharing satirical music for Lutherans.

Ernie said...

I like to cater to my base.

Stubby said...

My poor eyesight had me briefly intrigued and excited. I initially read #2 as "Leif Erickson, Narrator, With Domestic Cats".

Ernie said...

There are cats in it, but they are very much not domesticated.

Buster said...

Stubby - I know what you mean about poor eyesight. You should see me struggling to identify fuzzy pictures of schoolbusses and traffic lights for the Capcha.

barba said...

i can't use a "personal device" for anything more than phone calls because i can't read the teeny tiny screens. in fact, i can't use a regular computer monitor without a magnifier program. i wouldn't switch from windows 7 to windows 10 because the full screen mode (only mode worth using) of the built-in magnifier was dependent on a feature called "aero" that the good people at microsoft had decided to retire. did that mean, i inquired, that full screen mode would no longer work if i upgraded? their reply: who wants to know?

Ernie said...

I'm a lot better off since my second cataract surgery last year. But now I can't see close-up very well. I can't read the credits on these records very well, and forget about checking the stylus for dust. :)