Tuesday, February 22, 2011


From the mighty osprey, we move on to the mighty ugly wood stork. I took these shots not too long after I shot those two ospreys one day last month at Robinson Preserve. I haven't been motivated to post them until now, and I'm not sure what's motivating me to post them tonight, but I'm gonna run with it for as long as it lasts. The shot above is one bird, and the three shots below are the same bird as I tracked him along for a few seconds.

I called these guys ugly up above, and they are pretty unattractive in the face and when they are on the ground, but they are very graceful fliers, and quite attractive with the black-on-white color scheme. I think these are some of the best aerial shots I've ever gotten of one of these guys. You can even see some green iridescence in the wings in some of these. I guess it's all in what you're shooting and where the birds are. If they don't fly nearby, you're never going to get a decent shot.

I think my monitor is about to give up the ghost. The blue sky in some of these shots shows up as a pixelated yellow color for some reason. Sigh, just some more money I have to spend to feed my hobby. I suppose I should replace this four or five year old computer while I'm at it, too. It's only money. Who needs to retire eventually? It'll wait.


Buster said...

You're a young guy - get a monitor!

SRQ said...

Great shots of one beauty challenged bird! (See my previous comment regarding taking shots of birds in-flight.) Bravo. And, you're right....I could see a hint of green.

Rick said...

I shot these recently, too - but on the ground. I'd characterize them as having a face only a mother could love !

Great shots !