Sunday, February 20, 2011

Local Bird

This is the hawk that has recently been seen around where I work. Nearly every day he's sitting outside, making all kinds of noise, flying back and forth, establishing a noisy presence in the area. I haven't found a nest yet, nor have I even seen his mate, but I figure it's inevitable. Maybe baby hawklings are in the works, one can only hope. I believe this is a common red-shoulder hawk, but I could be mistaken. I need to see him on the wing more clearly to see if maybe he's a red-tail instead. We found a rat in a trap the other day that wasn't dead yet, and we stuck him outside on the grass. Within half an hour, Mr. Hawk here had scooped him up and had a nice little meal. We later found the skin and tail in a pile where he'd left them. I wish there was some way to get him to come inside and save us from having to first trap the rats.

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SRQ said...

Another terrific hawk shot. (I don't know my hawks very well either, but I concur with you that it's some type of a hawk!) How nice of you to assist your feathered friend with a meal. You're right -- he needs to get busy with his hunting and catch the vermin when they're outside.