Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Littlest Pirate

I spent most of today at the annual Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival near Bradenton, FL. It's the sort of festival that pops up all over Florida this time of year, as it becomes warmer and warmer, but not too hot. One of the attractions is a large pirate ship on wheels, that's also used as a parade float, but here is just used as an attention getter for a local group. I spotted this young guy on the deck of the ship, all dressed up, but perhaps not entirely sure he wanted to play the part of a blodthirsty pirate. I don't usually shoot people, much less people I don't know, but I thought he was worth making an exception.


SRQ said...

Absolutely adorable! The look on his face is so precious. Funny...when I first looked at this I said, 'Ernie doesn't usually shoot people!', so I laughed by the time I finished reading your caption. Was the festival busy?

Anonymous said...

This is my son, Mad Puppy Maddox. He is getting his own pirate ship for Christmas:)