Monday, September 14, 2009

Chinese America

Who knew that Washington DC had it's own Chinatown? Not me! But we stumbled into it one night in DC while looking for something to eat. And surprisingly enough, we found some really good Indian food. Anyhow, the big gate lets you know that you're in Chinatown, just in case you didn't see the Chinese signs all over the place. The left side of the gate was labeled in Chinese, too, but the right was in English, and you can see that below. Remember Marion Barry, the former mayor of DC? He was busted on cocaine charges and spent six months in federal prison. Of course, after that he was re-elected as mayor for four more years. Something about DC...

In case you didn't feel the Chinese vibe enough, they've even got some propaganda papered up on the walls. Not sure what this poster was for or against, but I thought it fit right in with the scheme of things. It was just to the left of the big gate above, barely out of frame in that picture, actually.

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Tommy said...

DC residents call it ChinaBlock, due to its small size.

I've had some good pizza at Matchbox there.

I've had some bad food poisoning from the Mongolian BBQ there.