Sunday, January 04, 2009

At First Glance

Couple days ago, I'm driving home after work, and I see something sitting on a power line over a small pond. I did a double take since something seemed odd. This small bird had a crest on his head. You don't see that every day. So I pulled over, put the big lens on the camera and started walking back. Before I could get too close, the little guy took off and started flying towards me, but never getting very close. He landed on another power line for a second or two, then took off out of sight. I took a couple dozen pictures from too far away, and these three are the best. So what is he? I think it's a kingfisher. I've not seen one since I've been taking pictures, and I can't remember seeing one before that. So I guess that makes these pictures special, if a little blurry.

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The Cranky Cataloger said...

You're right, Ernie, it is a kingfisher. It's a belted kingfisher, probably a female. Unlike most birds, the female is more brightly colored than the male. I've only seen one, and that was along the coast of North Carolina.