Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And That Makes 100

Those of you who have been paying attention will notice that my Christmas record counter hit the 100 records mark today. That means I've recorded 100 records, many of which I hope to share with you this Christmas season. 100 was my goal, but I think I've still got a few that I want to record, and I'm sure things will come up during the season that I rush to record and share with you. Some of those are things that I wanted to listen to, and recorded them, only to find out later they are on CD, so I can't share out everything. Some of them are re-recordings of things I've shared previously, either because I found a better copy of the record or because I thought I could do a better job than I did some years ago. I've tried to be much more quality oriented this year than I have in the past, at least on certain things. I'm sure my selection of records isn't the best, but it's all at least mildly interesting. I've used a lot less noise reduction this time around, and I've been very happy with the sound I'm getting. I'm recording lots more stereo records than in past years, and I'm making sure to record mono records in mono this time, too. So I hope you're all as excited as I am about the Christmas season this year. Oh, the total number of tracks I've recorded for the season is 1336, for a total of 2.5 days of music. :)

FYI, it took me over four hours to record the one hundredth record. Five of the eighteen tracks skipped on me, but I had a spare that I was able to get four of those tracks off of. That fifth track skipped on both records, but it was in different places. I was able to splice the two of them together and get a good take for you. I can't hear the splice, and there are clicks in other places that you might think are splices, but aren't. So if I didn't tell you what I'd done, you'd never know. I was also shocked to find that noise I thought came from scratches in the record were actually in the master recording (or maybe in the stamper), since they showed up in identical waveforms on both recordings. Weird, huh?

Now if I only had all these LP covers scanned and Photoshopped...


Tommy said...

Ernie, you rock so damn hard! I'll be burning the bandwidth downloading everything.

Rob in Maine said...

Yay! Thanks Ernie!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't wait to see what's up your sleeve this year!

First, thank you sooo much for Ernie's Christmas And A Half 2008 Single Collection. I'm wearing them out already.

Second, I hope that this isn't too pushy and speaking of rerecording, are you able to refine your file for Tony Sacco - Jolly Fat Man? Some of the singles seem a bit "overdriven" or distorted once burned to CD.

(I suspect that this tune may end up on one of your singles collections for this year. It MUST!)

Again, thanks so much for the awesome music and effort that you put in digging up these forgotten classics!

Stephen said...

Curse you, Ernie! I'm going to need a larger hard drive because of you. I hope you're happy now.

P.S. Thanks for all your hard work!

ca christmas said...

Larger hard drive? Yeah, me too.

You do rock, that's for sure.

(BTW, I like the Cleveland night bridge picture.)

CaptainOT said...

Congrats on your target goal of 100 - further proof that Ernie doesn't sleep!


Inkydog said...

Well played, Ernie. Congrats. You set the bar high.

When I go looking for Christmas records now I ask myself, "Will Ernie have this one?" You've made me much more selective, but I think I managed to pull out a couple this year that will be new, even to you.

This year's gonna be great!


Anonymous said...

Ernie, i love G. Gibbs version of Cold Cold Winter, but sounds a little scratchy. here is a link to a complation of her hits at 128 but clean and a good ver of CCW.
password is JD_061213 (Jean's Music Blog) cant wait for your Xmas 2009 posts!!!!!

Ernie said...

Thanks for the Georgia Gibbs share. My record was pretty beat up, but I liked the track too much not to share it. I was just happy that it didn't skip-ip-ip-ip-ip-ip-ip-ip. Whoops, sorry about that.