Wednesday, October 29, 2008

7-Election Huh?

So, 7-Eleven is having this deal where they offer you one of two coffee cups in their stores. You can get either a cup that say McCain, or you can get a cup that says Obama. You're supposed to grab the one for the candidate you support, then they post which cups they sell more of on their website, Simple enough, I suppose. I'd been meaning to take a look at that website for a while, and I finally remembered to do it today. I saw the map above, where the grey states don't have 7-Elevens, the blue states are states that sell more Obama cups, and the lone red state, North Carolina, is where they sell more McCain cups. OK, that's a pretty fair representation of the way the polls are running. If you hover over each state, it gives you the actual fraction of Obama and McCain cups being sold in that state.

I sent the link to a friend in NC, giving her a hard time about her state's McCain support. Then I noticed some odd math when you hover over North Carolina. If you look close, they show North Carolina as being 59% John McCain to 51% Barack Obama. Hmmmm, so 110% of the people in North Carolina have cast their vote via cups at 7-Eleven. And they say we're bad here in Florida when it comes to voting. Now, I've seen some stores in Palm Beach County selling purple cups, so I suspect there's going to be a recount in our future...


Anonymous said...

LOL - you noticed it! or maybe tina fey did! ya think?

CaptainOT said...

McCain? Obama? The Rays? The Phillies???

I tried to segue into that as best as I could. I was on the Rays bandwagon after my Cubs got swept.

Congrats to the Phillies but major props to the Rays - they're still the AL champs and really opened some eyes this year!


HaarFager said...

What color were the Ralph Nader cups? People seem to forget there are more than 2 parties. Both the two major parties are fine if you like what they've been giving us forever. I, for one, don't buy into their New World Order crap, Texas Corridor highways, Kansas City Smartports, etc. At least I still have the freedom left to post on good ol' Ernie's blog! For now, anyway.