Thursday, February 28, 2008


I shot this piece a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't get a chance to post anything to the blog before now. I actually shot this at the request of the artist, who said he didn't have any good night shots of the piece. It's called Slice and the artist is Bruce White. (I'd shot his work before, but didn't know it. I recognized several of the pieces I'd seen on his website.) He had been shown some of the pictures I took of Pulse and thought I might be able to do a good job. It was a little tough to shoot because it's in a small courtyard that's a deep canyon between two halves of the surrounding building. These first shots give you a little bit of a sense of where the piece is.

You can see how it's sandwiched in between two three-story walls in the shot above, and from the street you can barely see the piece because of a large lintel emblazoned with the name of the building. In fact, I'd driven by this dozens of times in Sarasota, and never noticed it, even though it is visible from the street. So I had to find a way to get a picture that included the art and the location, while keeping the two separate and distinct. For that, I had to get a short lens. That allowed me to fit everything into a single picture.

I must say that I was pretty happy with the results of my photoshoot. Once the sun went down and the interior lights on the piece became more visible, I started to get some amazing shots.

Something about that one window being lit sort of appealed to me in this picture above.

Once it got really dark, the light escaping the cutouts was my only source of illumination. It's a great effect.

I'm always fascinated with the effects you can create by using a zoom lens and a long exposure. Some of these pictures are just incredible. They're abstract, but they're firmly rooted in something real.

Cool, man, cool!

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