Friday, November 09, 2007

Now It Can Be Told, Part Four

I just can't get enough of these awesome Cube pictures. I stood there for almost an hour taking these shots, slowly circling the artwork trying to find just the right angle. Turns out that the best angle is head-on to one of the open sides. The lights inside this thing are capable of producing 14.7 million colors, or at least something close to that. I think it's got something like 7000 watts of LEDs in there, all computer controlled, changing every 90 seconds, thus the title of the piece, Pulse.

Be sure to go visit this, and all the other artwork, along the Sarasota Bayfront as part of the fourth annual Sarasota Season Of Sculpture. I met the director of the shindig tonight, so if you see her there, tell her Ernie (with the camera in the dark) said Howdy.

As time permits, I hope to be able to shoot the other pieces in the exhibit. I'm afraid I'm a little prejudiced though, since I had a small part in building this one.

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Arn said...

Those are some excellent pictures!
We drove by the cube Friday night, and the pink lights (we took less than a minute and a half to drive by), reflections of the headlights, and the mirrored buildings on the other side of the road really set the thing off. I had no idea what the end product would be having only seen it sitting in the parking lot- it was COOL !