Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCCV

This is the extra-special doodle of the week. Why? Because that's my Dad up there. Well, not really, but close enough. Looks just like him, except I don't think he has a globe in his radio shack. He does have more than one map on the wall though. He's got all the HAM radio equipment, the rolling chair, the clock that tells you what time it is everywhere all at once, the filing cabinets, I tell you this could be Dad. Except for the fact that this record came out when my Dad was only 8... This record is Elektra Code Course (Elektra CC-1, 1956), and was just the thing for the budding radio operator who needed to learn Morse code. (Dad tells me that they recently dropped the requirement for HAM radio operators to learn Morse code, though.) For the record, this is THE Elektra Records, which I believe is still around today, noted in their early years for folk music releases. There's a credit on the back for Jac Holzman, head honcho of the label, and it even lists his call letters, K2VEH. (Dad's call sign is KG4YNI if you want to say howdy sometime.) The doodle above is on the flip side of the LP, while the one below adorns the front. There's even a name on the one below, W. S. Harvey. The two don't look enough alike for me to attribute them both to the same artist, but perhaps.

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