Monday, October 08, 2007


I stumbled across a great blog recently that's sharing out tons and tons of Crime Jazz. In case you don't know what that is, it's music from old crime movies or mob movies, or sometimes spy flicks like James Bond. One of the things he shared was the LP shown above, which I had sitting next to the PC for ages wanting to record it. But I never did, thinking maybe I would some day stumble across a stereo copy. I never found that stereo version, but I did download it from The Crime Lounge. They didn't have a real cover for it, so I scanned mine in and shared it as a way of saying thanks for the music. So if you want to get the music, go visit The Crime Lounge. If you just want the LP cover (front and back), click here. Just for the search engines, this is Pete Rugolo-The Music From Richard Diamond (Mercury MG 36162).
Update: Where would we be without odd coincidences? Yesterday I found a stereo copy of an LP I'd already grabbed a Halloween track from, so I set about re-recording that track. While it was recording, I was reading the liner notes, and spotted something odd. One track was credited to Pete Rugolo and Steve Allen. I had no idea they worked together, so I read further. Turns out that Steve Allen had penned lyrics to an older tune by Pete Rugolo. The new tune is called The Girl With The Long Black Hair, and the old tune is Rugolo's theme from 'Richard Diamond'. How's that for a coincidence? If you're interested in a listen, here's The Modernaires-The Girl With The Long Black Hair from the LP Like Swung (Mercury Wing SRW 16231).


THXjay said...

Hey Ernie,

Just dropped by to say thanks for those scans, just in case you didn't see my reply on my blog.

Love your site, always have a quick look to see what you've been doodlin' :)

Thanks again

Jay (Crime Lounge)

THXjay said...

Thanks Ernie,

Nice little curiosity, thanks for sharing :)