Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Christmas In July 2007-Day 32

Ha! You thought it was over, didn't you? Well, it turns out that a single month with only 31 days can't hold all of the holiday music I've got for you. I had originally planned to give you three tracks today that I had shared out already last year, only now I have them in stereo. But I found a track that I forgot to share out, so you get one brand new recording! What is it, you ask? How about a lush version of I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm by Frank DeVol And His Orchestra? This comes from his LP The Columbia Album Of Irving Berlin-Vol. II (Columbia CL 1261, 1958). It's a medley that includes Top Hat, White Tie & Tails, by the way. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And what are the tracks I'm rereleasing in stereo? Well, first there's another version of I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm, perhaps my favorite version of that title, by Dinah Washington from the album September In The Rain (Mercury SR 60638, 1961). The original share last year is here. Next up is Sleigh Ride by The Eastman-Rochester Pops Orchestra, Frederick Fennel Conducting. I found the stereo version of this on a sampler from Mercury called Stereo Sampler-Vol. 1 (Mercury SRD-1). I shared this out last year here. I later found a stereo version of the original album, but I didn't record that copy. Lastly, and maybe mostly, I finally have a stereo version of Sleigh Ride by Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra from the album Wish You Were Here (RCA Victor LSP-1904, 1959), originally shared out here. Took me a while to track this record down but it was worth it. (If you want to hear the whole album, I think it's been shared out in it's entirety over at Bongolong Land.) Here's the link to these four bonus tracks, I think they'll make a fine addition to the others you've hopefully downloaded in the past month.

What did I share out this day last year? Well, it was the beginning of my Chanukah In August celebration, short-lived though it was.

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Flatulist said...

Thanks for a wonderful month of great tunes and a whole flock of ddodles. It all made the month a lot of fun! Looking forward to December. And the August sunset is spectacular!