Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wave Your Organ

No, this hasn't turned into a rated X blog. I just wanted to show you some pictures of a pretty unique site in San Francisco that a lot of people don't know about called the Wave Organ. At the end of a curving breakwater that provides some sheltered anchorage for the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco Bay, there lies a small structure built of old tombstones and other decorative granite rescued from cemeteries that were moved out of San Francisco many years ago. Scattered among the stone benches and markers are horns attached to tubes, the ends of which are below water level. As the waves force water in and out of the tubes, low notes are emitted from the horns. The notes blend in to the sounds of the waves, the birds, and the other sounds drifting around the bay. It's a neat little place that was almost totally deserted when I visited. To give you a sense of where this is, you can see the Palace Of Fine Arts in the background of the picture above, and the shot below shows Alcatraz in the background. I'm sure you could see the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown SF from this spot as well, but it didn't show up in any of the pictures I liked.

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