Friday, June 29, 2007

Funny Shaped Fish

I guess I never really thought about it. San Francisco Bay is not that far north of Monterey Bay, which is renowned for it's sea creatures. While walking along the seawall at the base of the southern approach to the Golden Gate Bridge, near Fort Point, I spotted something on one of the rocks. Looking through the telephoto lens, it turned out to be a starfish. And he wasn't alone. The rocks were covered in starfish. Dozens and dozens of them. You see starfish here in Florida, but infrequently. I was amazed at the number of these guys, and the colors were pretty impressive, too. I had to shoot between the waves, though. Each incoming wave soaked these guys down, which I guess was the point. I'm sure they would have been completely underwater at high tide.


Arn said...

Great pics! The colors really grabbed my attention.

Oh, some of us were wondering why you're back in town but weren't back at work yet! ;)

brian t said...

Wow! These pictures are astonishing. Maybe I'm overeacting, but I live in Ohio (inland)and the only things you see on shore here are ducks and gulls...boring!

Anonymous said...

We have star fish all over the place too! You just have to go in the water to them.