Saturday, May 05, 2007

Flora, Not Fauna

Here's another of the records I got at the Goodwill yesterday. Nothing special about it, really. But after someone posted a comment about one of the EP sleeves I posted, I took a closer look at the back of this one.

Here's the back of Poppa John Gordy And His Piano-Lisbon Antigua (RCA Victor EPA-719, 1956). See the little advertisement for another record at lower left? Here's a detail of just that part of the picture:

It's the cover for another Sauter-Finegan album that I don't have, Inside Sauter-Finegan. (Notice how they've wiped out the catalog number on this ad? I looked close at all the cover reproductions on the sleeve, and they are all marked out in the same way. Odd...) Notice that this cover and the one from the other EP have not only the same style, but the same representations for Misters Sauter and Finegan. But the important part here is the artist. I'd never heard of him, but his work is pretty well known in certain circles. Jim Flora is the guys name, and if you follow the link, you'll see quite a few examples of his work. It's a pretty interesting style. Of all the covers referenced on that site, I have just the one I found yesterday. I'll have to keep my eyes open. And if anyone has this Sauter-Finegan record, I'd love to hear it...


Adam Infanticide said...

I've got that one, but my copy is beat up to the point that it's more or less unlistenable. the music ranges from pretty far-out / avant garde psuedo-jazz to some square big-band vocal tracks that are almost too corny for me. I have a CD of one of the better songs from this called "eddy and the witchdoctor" somewhere. I'll try and locate it & post it for you. I'd recomend this album, but S&F's "Adventure in Time" is a better one in my opinion.

Ernie said...

Adam-I'd love to hear any SF you might be willing to share. I think I have four of their LPs now, but I've only ripped the one so far. It's similar to the way you described yours, half interesting, half square. But it's all very high quality stuff.