Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cheap In Vegas

I don't think I've mentioned the hotel I stayed at most of the time in Las Vegas. This is the Imperial Palace Hotel. It may well be the cheapest place the stay on the Strip. It was the only place I went into that didn't make you walk through a mile of casino to get to the front desk. But once you got past the front desk, you had to walk past the Dealertainers, through a mile of hallway, down some stairs, out the back door, past the dumpsters, around the parking garage, through a tunnel, and around the corner to get to the room. You don' t think this place was a little different? My room was number 13. That's it, just 13. The view was of a concrete wall. My door actually opened to the outside, not into a hallway. So, if you're looking for cheap, this could be your place to stay.

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