Friday, April 14, 2006

Triple Threat

Now that I've shown you all three of these planes individually over the past few days, how about some views of them together? No photo trickery here, they actually had the F-14, the F-22 and the P-51 in the air at the same time flying in formation. The two jets were pretty close to stall speed, and the P-51 was flying as fast as it could to keep up. This is what they call a heritage flight, where they get new planes and old planes together in the air so that it's easy to see how far military aviation has advanced in the years since WWI. Those old biplanes can't keep up too well, but at least they can get these fighters into the air together.

There's something soul stirring about seeing these planes in the air together. It never gets old. I first saw such a display back in 2004, and I shared the photo from that day here.

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Anonymous said...

Still not an F-14!