Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dimensions In Dynagroove

I dug up a couple of more Dynagroove samplers after this other one I shared earlier. RCA really seemed to be pushing this format, good or bad. The first LP is Dimensions In Dynagroove (RCA Victor PRS-180, 1965), and it features artists like Sid Ramin, Si Zentner, Marty Gold, Hugo Montenegro, Morton Gould and Arthur Fiedler.

This second LP, from a year later, didn't even bother to list the artists on the outside of the jacket, instead using the space on the back for a full-sleeve advertisement of the new Swingline portable stereo. At least the previous LP could spare half the back for the artists. So if you wanted to know who was featured on Sounds Fantastic! (RCA Victor RVS-80, 1966), you had to buy it first. Turns out that this one had an arguably better selection of artists, although most of them were well out of touch with popular music of 1966. Sid Ramin, Si Zentner and Marty Gold returned from the previous years LP, but this one also featured such artists as Chet Atkins, Dick Schory, Al Hirt, The Three Suns and even Esquivel. Wasn't Elvis on RCA by this time? Why doesn't he show up on any of these samplers? Or maybe those samplers have been bought up before I'm lucky enough to find them...


Anonymous said...

Do you have these two (and the other dynagroove) albums for download?

Would really love to hear these:)

Ernie said...

Sorry, Jason. I never recorded these records. I posted the scans back when I wasn't set up to record from vinyl. I'll keep them in mind if I need something to record one night. I think I may still be able to find them in the archives...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ernie,
There are quite a few records on your blog that I have spotted looking through your archives:)

I wish you would consider uploading some to share with us (presuming you have the actual records and not just a scan of the cover:)

I'll keep an eye on you in the future just in case :))