Monday, July 19, 2021

July The Nineteenth

What year am I up to? I forget where I'm at. Oh, 2018, says it right there below the TV.  Should have looked there in the first place. Another year, another great compilation, but one that really runs together in my mind with the previous one, since I put both of them together at the same time. I posted both of them just a few days apart back in 2020, so most likely had all the tracks burned onto a single CDR in MP3 format, and listened to them in the car on constant repeat. Many of the songs are seared into my brain from that long listen, but I left it in the player because it was such a good selection of songs. You should download it an give it a listen, I'm sure you'll agree.

1) Dr. Buzzard's Savannah Band--Christmas In N.Y.
2) Homer Dennison And The "Night Strings"--Swiss Holiday
3) C. W. McCall--Sing Silent Night
4) Roger Blackburn--Winter Wonderland
5) Reno & Smiley And The Tennessee Cutups--Christmas Time's A Coming
6) Trombones Unlimited Featuring Mike Barone & Frank Rosolino--Holiday For Trombones
7) Bob Hannon With Jerry Sears And His Orchestra--In The Good Old Winter Time
8) First United Methodist Church, Cullman, Alabama-Bell Choir--Silent Night
9) Johnny Otis Orchestra With Little Esther And Mel Walker--Faraway Christmas Blues
10) The High Society--The Secret Of Christmas
11) Bobby Goldsboro--Look Around You, It's Christmas Time
12) Cliff De Young And Group--Winter
13) Brave Combo--O Holy Night Cha Cha Cha
14) Melanie--Merry Christmas
15) Betty Garrett--Yuletide, Park Avenue
16) Ray Rasch And The Pipers 10--Sugar Plum Cha Cha
17) Joe Berl-Music Direction: Joseph Berlingeri--We Need A Little Christmas
18) John Fahey--Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel
19) Merle Travis--Merry Christmas, Pretty Baby
20) The Ringing Bells-Rachael Kuivinen, Director--Yuletide Is Here Again
21) Willie Dittrich--Jingle Bells/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
22) The Ventures--Nutty
23) Asa Duncan And Frank Sullivan-Sung By All The Kids--Have A Merry Christmas Day
24) Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra--That Man Over There
25) The McLain Family Band--Christmas On The Farm
26) Sleepless Nites--Children Go Where I Send You
27) Shari Lewis With Lambchop And Charley Horse--Sleigh Ride
28) Skitch Henderson, His Piano And The Stereosonic Strings--Snowflakes
29) June Christy-Orchestra Conducted By Pete Rugolo--Love Turns Winter To Spring
30) Six Fat Dutchmen--Jolly Sleigh Ride
31) The Impressions--Long, Long Winter
32) Tedd Smith, Piano--Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring/The First Noël
33) Pedro Vargas-Henri Rene Y Su Orquesta--Blanca Navidad
34) Unknown Artist--Bells
35) Naval Academy Drum And Bugle Corps--Auld Lang Syne
36) Chris Connor And Maynard Ferguson--Happy New Year

A bit of a rarity here in that I've got two songs right there together at the end for New Year's. I usually try to stick to just one, but I must have had two really good ones this year.  Enjoy!


Buster said...

Another lengthy compilation, with an admirable diversity of styles and performers (bell ringers aside)!

Ernie said...

Thanks, Buster. Not much interest around here with nothing but repeats coming out. :(

Anonymous said...

Ernie, Thank you for doing this- I haven't downloaded most of these. It's nice to have a curated best-of of your generous offerings each year! Thanks again for everything, and for a great review this season
- Steve in PA

Ernie said...

Thanks for the note, Steve. The best-of collections are pretty much the only things I go back and listen to from Christmas in July. I may play the whole collection on random, but the best listening is in these collections. Though I may be short changing myself there, since there are always tracks that could make the collection, but don't because they duplicate a song or artist on there already.

MOQChoir said...

Ernie, you've done an incredible amount of really great work over the years, and these compilations might be the best of it. As much more as you ever choose to do, having fresh posts of these collections is a righteous introduction to whomever stumbles across 'em. Many, MANY thanks for all your deep-dives into seasonal ephemera. Without your efforts, we wouldn't get to hear a lot of fabulous content, on top of your highly-skilled digital spiffing-up.
All that said, I'm still really enjoying all the 78s you cleaned up and posted. It's a wonderful treasury of fantastic time-travel.

Ernie said...

Thanks, MOQ, it's a labor of love. :)