Friday, July 05, 2019

Christmas In July 2019-Part 9

Well, you made it through Independence Day, but hopefully you have today off work as well.  You'll need it to get caught up on your sleep.  Here are a few more Christmas songs to make it a happier holiday!

1. Children From New York Public School 24 With Guitar Accompaniment-Old Man Winter's On His Way from Songs For All Year Long (Folkways/Scholastic SC7626, Mono, 1965).  Cute little song with a bunch of cute little kids singing.

2. The Highwaymen-The Highwaymen from Standing Room Only! (United Artists UAL 3168, Mono, 1961).  Good and folky.

3. Art And Paul-My Favorite Things from Hangin' Drinkin' And Stuff (Columbia CS 8502, Stereo, 1960). An interesting version from a rather curious album from a major label.

4. Tervalon Porche, Tenor, With Joseph La Rue, Organist-Panis Angelicus (Messe Solonnelle) from God, My Shepherd, Walks Beside Me-Great Religious Musical Masterpieces (Amor Label 8188, Stereo).  OK, so it's not Christmas.

5. Neville Marriner-Academy Of St. Martin-In-The-Fields-Toy Symphony: I. Allegro from A Little Night Music (Angel S-37443, Stereo, 1977).  From the same people who brought you all the music in that Amadeus movie.

6. Harrell C. Lucky-Toyland from Quiet Time (Melody House MH-43, Stereo). One of my favorite finds this year, but only because of the entirely non-Christmas related intro.

7. Zacharias And His Magic Violins-The Troika from Songs Of Old Russia (Polydor (Germany) 237526 SLPHM, Stereo, 1959).  So this isn't the song I thought it was...

8. Andre Kostelanetz-Waltz Of The Flowers From "The Nutcracker" from Kostelanetz Conducts Romantic Waltzes By Tchaikovsky (Columbia Masterworks MS 6824, Stereo, 1965).  Not sure why Andre isn't credited with an orchestra on this one.  They're clearly there, unless he's making all those noises by himself and there's a lot of overdubbing.

9. Unknown Artist-What Kind Of King? from Hal Leonard Presents Choral Spectrum 1990-Senior Edition (Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation 2xLP HLP-60, Stereo, 1990).  More demo music.  And isn't 1990 a little late for this blog?  I need to speak to management!

10. Jane Wilson & Stuart Foster With The Hollywood Cinema Orchestra, Conducted By Maximillian-White Christmas from 26 Academy Award Winning Songs (Dolphin 2xLP D-100, Stereo, 1960).  Now that's a Christmas song, I just know it.

I also know that this is the end for now.  More music later on today.  For now, here's the download link.  Enjoy the tunes!


Peachy Covington said...

SO confused by "Art and Paul." Are they supposed to make you think of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel? The arrangement is kinda S&G in a Greenwich Village way, but it's clearly not them. Were S&G even famous enough in 1960 to make it worthwhile to make record-buyers think it could be them?

Ernie said...

I'm thinking it may just be a weird coincidence...

barba said...

you guys and your ten inchers...

apparently s&g (who once had the middling hit "hey school girl" billed as 'tom & jerry') didn't want another commercial stage name, as they were now pure and honest folk singers with oodles of integrity and sensitivity, and thus wanted to use their own names. but since columbia already had "art and paul" on the payroll, "simon and garfunkle" was all they could accommodate. i'd love to have heard the a&r men convincing them what a catchy name it was for a folk act.

i have my own oodles... all right, maybe not of integrity. but let me tell you, i'm sensitive. did it ever bother anyone else that on their "sounds of silence" album they put two songs back-to-back about SUICIDE? ('a most peculiar man' and 'richard cory') weird.

oh yeah. that mouse. does it use a battery? some do, some don't. mine do. in fact, i got so many things that use up batteries that i now recharge them. (i know, you're not supposed to... so sue me.) i used to chuck them all in a bowl and i mean, they still looked brand new. so i got a deal on a used charger whose rechargeable batteries were missing and just started recharging regular ones. works fine. occasionally they explode (not a big kaboom, just a little phutt sound). you get diminishing returns from repeated charges. but it keeps the bills down and keeps you hip to battery usage. check that battery.