Thursday, July 27, 2017

Christmas In July 2017 Day 27

Another big day here during Christmas In July!  It's almost the weekend, I can almost see it from here.  But I've got a ways to go yet, so one day at a time.  Here are your shares for the night.

1. Sleigh Ride, a great version by Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra from his LP Wish You Were Here (RCA Victor LSP-1904, Stereo, 1959).  This isn't a Christmas LP, but I have seen this particular track on a 45 with one of Hugo's Christmas recordings on the flip side, so they did try to market it for the holidays at some point.

2. Winter Dreams by Ross Mitchell, His Band & Singers from the album Flamingo (Dance & Listen (UK) DL 1001, Stereo, 1989).  Pretty late for me, but I found it one day and here it is.

3. The Song Of The Virgin (Cantiga De La Santa Maria) by Friends Of Fiddler's Green, who as near as I can figure from the liner notes consisted of Bob & Evelyne Beers, Martha & Eric Nagler And The Boyer Family.  I pulled this from the LP The Seasons Of Peace-A Great Family Sings (Biograph BLP-12033, Stereo, 1971).  The LP cover is a little confusing, I'm just assuming the name of the band is Friends Of Fiddler's Green.  You'll recognize the Beers family, they had a Christmas LP out on Columbia at the end of the sixties.  I don't remember it being anything like what I expected, and didn't enjoy it too much.  Still looking for a stereo copy, though.

4. The Parade Of The Animals by John Gart At The Conn Electronic Organ With The Minute Men from Organ On The March (Kapp K-1119-S, Stereo, 1959).  Is it Christmas?  No, but it's close.

5. The Little Drummer Boy by The Arbutus United Methodist Church Chancel Ringers from their LP Listen! (DFH Recording Co. DFH 114, Stereo, 1978).  Yes, handbells!

6. Let There Be Peace On Earth (Let It Begin With Me) by John Gary-Arranged And Conducted By Billy May from John Gary Sings Especially For You (RCA Victor LSP-3695, Stereo, 1967).  Yes, it has Billy May's name on it, but I don't really hear any of his influence here.  Too bad.

7. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony) by The New Seekers from We'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (Elektra EKS-74115, Stereo, 1971).  I'm a little confused about this.  I guess these guys were supposed to record this song, but didn't, then it became a hit.  Then they did record it, and also had a hit?  Just go watch the Coke commercial on YouTube, it's probably better that way.

8. Fum, Fum, Fum by The Ringers On-The-Green from Ring And Sing-A Festival Of Music (Dharma Productions GFL 1077 (The Morristown Presbyterian Church On-The-Green, Morristown, New Jersey), Stereo).  Yep, more handbells!

9. For You A Lei; An Old Hawaiian Custom; The Hawaiian Christmas Song by The Banjo Barons-Arranged And Conducted By Marty Manning from The Banjo Barons Play Golden Hawaiian Hits (Columbia CS 8783, Stereo, 1963).  From handbells to banjos, we've got it all!

10. Dance Of The Toy Flutes by Arthur Fiedler And The Boston Pops, taken from their LP Evening At Pops (Polydor PD5032, Stereo, 1972).  Julia Childs features on the other side of this LP, but not on any of the tracks on the side I got songs from.  Oh how I was hoping she'd be on there...

11. Christmas In Killarney, some Irish Christmas for you, courtesy of The Bill Shepherd Singers, from their album Irish Sing-Along (Decca DL 74053, Stereo, 1963).  Not as good as Bing's version, but not bad either.

12. a. Snoopy's Search b. Red Baron, a couple of tracks that I thought might be related to The Royal Guardsmen's Snoopy's Christmas, but probably not.  Interesting enough to share here though.  This is by Billy Cobham from this first LP Spectrum (Atlantic SD 7268, Stereo, 1973).

13. Waltz Finale-From "Nutcracker Suite", No. 2 by Andre Kostelanetz And His Orchestra from The Romantic Music Of Tchaikovsky (Columbia 2xLP C2l 11 (CL 1208 & CL 1209), Mono, 1958).  A little more Nutcracker for your night.  I've got a lot I need to get out there...

14. Silent Night by Mahalia Jackson from her LP Just As I Am (Apollo LP 479, Mono, 1958).  You know you need this.

15. Oriental Holiday by Ted Heath And His Music from his album Showcase (London LL 1737, Mono, 1958).  Well, it has the word 'Holiday' in the title.

16. My Favorite Things by Mannie Klein & His Sextet from The Sound Of Music (Imperial LP 9094, Mono, 1959).  There are so many diverse versions of this track out there, I probably haven't even scratched the surface.

17. Italian Jingle Bells by Lou Monte With Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra And Chorus from Lou Monte Sings Songs For Pizza Lovers (RCA Victor LPM-1877, Mono, 1958).  Now this is what I'm talking about!

18. Greensleeves by Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians from Instrumentally Yours (Decca DL 8843, Mono, 1959).  Because you need more versions of this in your life.

19. Away In A Manger by The Dixie High School Concert Choir from The Dixie H.S. Concert Choir Of 1966-1967 (Dixie High School, Dayton, OH, 19165/19166, Mono, 1967).  Am I done with this one yet?  I'm tired of typing all that info in over and over and over.  One year I decided to just lump things together like that, put all the tracks from the same LP out on the same day.  Some things just didn't get downloaded, so I figure I have to mix things up so you always download it.  Hopefully you listen to it before you delete it.

20. Ave Maria by George And Madeline Brown from The Story Of The Music Box (Caedmon 10" 33 RPM w/ Book CB-2, Mono, 1952).  Like this one, I should have just given you all the tracks from it on the same day, but I like to mix things up.

21. The Angel Band by Silver Burdett Records from Making Music Your Own-Kindergarten Record IV (Silver Burdett Records 75 180 4, Mono, 1966).  Yes, you get a bonus track tonight, bringing the daily count to a new record high of 21 songs!

And that's it.  If you can't find anything in there you like, you may be at the wrong blog.  See you tomorrow, though it's gonna be late.



barba said...

i think one or two of those banjo barons kept a pint in his pocket. and those ringers on the green just might have been fum-fum-fuming something hand-rolled, judging by the way they keep the beat. hugo winterhalter on the other hand, i bet he never took a drink in his life. i'm not sure i'd like to hang out with him (or him, me, surely); but he gets my vote for best in show of july 27.

still not a robot.

Laurie said...

"I hated it and it was terrible and quite possibly the worst thing I've ever heard but I'm still looking for a stereo copy of it!" :) I enjoy you, Ernie.

Laurie said...

"I loved it. It was much better than 'Cats'. I'm going to see it again and again. And I'm still looking for a stereo copy of it."

Mistletoe and Holly said...

The clear winner for me is Mannie (aka Manny) Klein's "My Favorite Things"--a great jazzy rendition. Unfortunately, I don't really consider that a Christmas song. I may be in the minority there however. Thanks Ernie.

Badgercat said...

Hugo wins Day 27 for me.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Mistletoe and Holly,

You're far from the only one/ones who don't/doesn't think that song is a Christmas song. Sadly, the subject can hardly ever be brought up without degenerating into a shouting match. I blame Andy Williams for the issue, myself.