Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Christmas In July 2017 Day 26

Whew!  Long day.  I woke up this morning to find the AC wasn't working.  I ran around half the day trying to get that fixed, but I finally got the capacitor replaced and came home to a cool condo tonight.  But I've also been trying to work in between all that, and it's taken a lot out of me today.  So I'm only giving you ten tracks tonight, and I'm not even going to tell you what they are.  All ten of them are things I probably shouldn't share, and I don't want to bring any trouble down on the blog.  They're either big name artists or more recent stuff (is the 80's really recent?), things that I'm just posting here to bring your attention to.  Go out and buy a copy if you like it.  (I actually just went and recorded another track I thought of that I could cram in here since I'm not going to tell you who's in here, even after I promised myself I wouldn't record any more stuff tonight.  Oh well.)  I'll be back tomorrow with a regular post, I hope.



Buster said...

Intriguing. I went to another friend's blog tonight and he displayed a cover and title of a desirable album but refused to give out the link because enough people weren't commenting. Then I come here and you give the link but no information about what it contains. I think I prefer your approach.

Hope you are resting in cool comfort tonight!

barba said...

thanx, ernie. stay safe with your selections. me, i even quit singing 'happy birthday to you' at parties for fear some riaa cop might be listening outside in the hall. i make people sing 'for he's a jolly good fellow' instead because that's in the public domain. this makes for some awkward moments at otherwise festive celebrations. nobody likes a old fart screaming "shut up! shut up!" when the candles are burning down into the chocolate glaze. life didn't used to be this way. i always did like sonny & cher, but sonny bears some of the blame.

Badgercat said...

Well done, Ernie. You're busy and life certainly takes over, yet you find a way to keep us intrigued and coming back for more. Despite not even knowing what we will find wrapped under the tree. Hey, wait a minute...! :)

Clarence E. Jones III said...

Thx for whatever Day 26 holds for us. You are going above & beyond.