Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 28

Not far to go now...  Hope I have enough stuff left to make it through.

Track one, and easily the best one tonight, is Christmas Time In Nassau by Johnathan (Johnny) Kemp With John Chapman's Confidential Club Orchestra from the LP Confidential Carnival-Authentic Bahamian Calypsos (Goombay) (Island Artists LP 1002, Mono).  This is something I recorded last year, but never shared.  It's probably the best Christmas track I've ever found on a Caribbean tourist record.  I pick up a lot of them and look for Christmas music, but they're few and far between.

Track two is Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Choir-Kay Morris, Organist And Director Of Music performing He Is Born from With A Voice Of Singing (Mark Custom Records MC-8922 (Falls Church, VA), Stereo, 1971).  This is the last track I've got from this LP.  I think it was a pretty good addition to the collection.

Track three is Cradle Song by Ethel Smith from her LP Seated On Day At The Organ (Decca DL 78902, Stereo, 1959).  I don't think this is really a Christmas song, I was probably confusing it with Luther's Cradle Song, but close enough.

Track four is Ave Maria by The De Paur Chorus-Leonard De Paur, Conductor-Soloist: Luther Saxon from the LP The Spirit Of Christmas/God Is With Us (Columbia CL 725, Mono, 1955).  The A side of this record is all Christmas, but the B side only features this one sorta-Christmas track.  I think it was originally released as a pair of 10" LPs, but I've never seen either one.  I hunted for this record for a long time to complete my pair of Leonard De Paur Christmas albums.

Track five is Hallelujah by The Eric Rogers Chorale And Orchestra from Glory, Glory, Hallelujah (London Phase 4 SP 44028, Stereo, 1963), and I think it's the only rerun of the night.  Seems like a very religious collection of tunes tonight, except for that first one.  Not too bad for this late in the month.

And that's it, five and out.  Here's the download, see you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie,
What happened to my round sculpture?

Ernie said...

If this is about the round sculpture I think it is, you owe me $15000 plus interest.

Laurie said...

"Christmas In Nassau" might be my favorite song this month. Just fantastic. Thank you!