Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 04

Happy Fourth of July to all my visitors in America.  To the rest of you, Happy July Fourth!  Well, it was funny to me...  Let's jump into the music, shall we?

The first track is also the first of many songs from this album I hope to get to over the course of the month. In fact, the whole first side of the album is Christmas music, so I really could have saved it for Christmas, but I needed more stuff to share here in July.  The song is Winter Wonderland, the artist is Red Carter, and the album is Santa's Musical Grog (Frog Recordings, Ltd. RG 001, Stereo).  Good stuff here, you should be looking forward to the rest of the songs form this LP.

Next up is Ave Maria Lola, a mash-up between Gounod's Ave Maria and The Kink's Lola.  OK, not really, but that was what I was hoping for.  Not really anything Christmas related about this one at all I'm afraid, sorry.  But I'm sticking with it.  It's by El Cubanito And His Cha Cha Orchestra from their LP Hot (Musidisc M-6007, Mono, 1959).

Third is Skater's Boogie by Jo Ann Castle from 12 Great Hits In Ragtime (Dot DLP 25433).  Interesting, I'll give it that.  I'll also give you the fact that it's a rerun.

Fourth is a version of Greensleeves as performed on the duo harps of Dorothy Remsen And Catherine Johnk, with The Stanley-Johnson Orchestra, from the album Have Harp Can't Travel (Liberty LST 7118, Stereo, 1959).  This one is all about the cover image, but I'm not sharing that.  Sorry.  But look it up, it's a blast.

Track 5 is another repeat, The Bells Of St. Mary's by Roger King Mozian from the MGM stereo show-off series entry Spectacular Brass (MGM SE3844, Stereo, 1960).  Not too shabby.

And...there's a secret sixth track in there who's name shall not be spoken, but I found it today tucked onto the end of a ten inch record, and I thought it fit the theme quite well.

I'm also going to wish you a happy Fourth once again and throw in a Fourth of July track for you from The McGuire Sisters.  Enjoy!

Here's the download link, now go blow something up.


Laurie said...

Happy 4th to you, too, Ernie!

DonHo57 said...

Happy 4th, and glad to see and hear from you!

Greg S said...
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Greg S said...

Merry 4th of July Ernie. So glad your back as I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all your contributions!