Friday, February 01, 2013

On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas (Finally)

Yes, I'm fine.  Thanks for all the comments asking how I was.  I got this flu that's been going around, and I had it for almost three weeks.  Then when that was over, I had to catch up on all the stuff I hadn't done for a while, and I really wasn't in the mood to do anything Christmassy, but today I looked up and realized it was February.  So I don't imagine that there are too many people still around to download this, but hopefully, it'll still be here come Christmas in July, and then again next Christmas.  I'm proud to present to you my collection of all the best tracks from my Christmas In July celebration back in 2011.  2011 was a great year for Christmas songs from non-holiday albums, and because I found so many great songs, this best-of features 51 tracks!  I've sort of broken it up roughly into two CDs, but I numbered the tracks 1-51 in the tags, so if you want to leave it as MP3s, it'll play straight through, or you can burn it to two audio CDs, your choice.  There's some really great stuff on here, I'm quite proud of it.  I put the basic tracks together a long time ago, but I've come back and tweaked it many times in the interim.  I'm not very good at sequencing things, but I think this flows fairly well.  The only song I doubled up on was Jingle Bells, and I did that on purpose because I had two worthy versions.  I also cheated and dropped in a better version of an Arthur Godfrey track that I found in time for the 2012 season, mostly because I felt the 2011 version was the worst sounding thing on the whole collection.  But I could go on for hours.  Let me just throw this out there, and whoever is still around, I hope you enjoy it!

1. Lena Horne-Sleigh Ride In July
2. Count Basie-Summer Frost
3. The Sportsmen-Jingle Bells
4. Lew White-The Wedding Of The Painted Doll
5. Carolyn Hester-Virgin Mary
6. Red Nichols-Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
7. Morgana King-'Twas The Night Before Christmas
8. The Carnegie Pops Orchestra-March Of The Little Lead Soldiers
9. Paul Anka-I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
10. Ira Ironstrings-Hot Toddy
11. Carmen McRae-Winter In May
12. Gerry Robichaud-Snowflake Breakdown
13. Jane Morgan-Toyland
14. Bent Fabric-The Drunken Penguin
15. Jackie Kannon-Santa Claus Calling
16. Ian Whitcomb-Reindeer-A Ragtime Two-Step
17. Grand Fantastic Strings-Troika
18. The Cuff Links-Put A Little Love In Your Heart
19. Laurence Naismith, Janis Paige & Fred Gwynne-Pine Cones And Holly Berries
20. Floyd Cramer-Our Winter Love
21. Sylvia De Sayles-Warm Winter
22. Living Brass-A Hazy Shade Of Winter
23. Pope John Paul II-On A December Night
24. The Wesleyan Ringers-Joy To The World
25. James Walker-Chipmunk Song
26. Charles Dorian-Dancing Snowflakes

1.Perry Como-My Favorite Things
2. Jacky Noguez-A Marshmallow World
3. The All Churches Children's Choir-Luther's Cradle Hymn       
4. Leroy Anderson-Clarinet Candy
5. Idlers-Brothers Lift Your Voices
6. Johnny Pecon-Snowflake Polka
7. Danny Kaye-Jingle Bells
8. Living Strings-Sleigh Ride
9. Tommy Roe-It's Now Winter's Day
10. 101 Strings-Fuyu Geshiki (Japanese Snowflakes)   
11. Joanie Sommers-Winter In New England
12. Pee Wee Hunt-The Iceman Cometh (Skater's Waltz)   
13. George Hamilton IV-Natividad (The Nativity)
14. Lawrence Welk-Holiday Waltz
15. Hap Palmer-Hanukkah
16. Los Admiradores-Greensleeves
17. Arthur Godfrey-The First Snow Of Winter
18. Russ Case-The Doll Dance
19. Ted Schumate-Dann Reno Jazz Quartet-Christmas Time Is Here   
20. Drexel Park Presbyterian Church Senior Choir-Carol Of The Bells   
21. Cicero Pig-December
22. Judy Collins-Christ Child Lullaby
23. Roger King Mozian-The Bells Of St. Mary's
24. Tinker Reason-The Christmas Song
25. Art Gilmore-New Year's Eve At Time's Square



Laurie said...

What a great way to end a long week! Thanks, Ernie - glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

nice. i'll seed this for a while. glad you're over the flu. i've no idea who you are but you make christmas better for us all.

Geordie said...

Thanks Ernie. Glad you're feeling better. I knew you wouldn't leave us hanging.

I'm seeding every single torrent on a seedbox by the way.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Glad you're back & feeling better.

Badgercat said...

Hot dog! Some nice weekend listening music while it snows and tries to break into double digits.

Glad you're feeling better Ernie.

Bruce Bruce said...

Ernie, not to worry I'm sure that many of us will always be around to check out this wonderful blog. Like most things in life, something really good is always worth waiting for and this is no exception. Glad your ok, that flu has been a bad one going around, I'm just now coming down with a cold. Again Thanks for all you do.

Rodney said...

Thanks Ernie! Take care of yourself, and thanks so much for the great music this season! I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve for next Christmas.

Greg S said...

It may be February, but I'm still listening to Christmas music. Thanks for this great collection and I hope you are feeling better. This flu has been nasty. Again thank you for all that you do for us Christmas music enthusiasts.

Kwork said...

There is never a bad time to check up on Ernie's blog, or to listen to Christmas music. Thanks for this belated, but worthy 12th day post. This is a great selection. Thank you very much! Merry Christmas to all!

Unknown said...

Glad to know your not sick anymore with the FLU... And many Thank-You's for all of the Great Ear-Candy our ears are sure happy with them all...Christmas Music Rules in our house all year too. Ernie it would be oh so nice if you could do some re-posting of your great old albums that have no Links anymore. I would think that this task might take you thru the Summer time...LOL I'm hoping you will will as there are many of us here that have misssed a great deal over the past few years. Just out of wonder how many peoples lives have you changed for the better and just how many Old Albums have you posted?? Well Over 15,000 Songs...or more over the years. Take care, Stan

Marco said...

Awesome news to hear you're feeling better! And an awesome selection for the 12th day of Christmas! Thanks so much!

``I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future."

Family Man said...

Of course we're still around. You touch many lives with your blog in a great way, and we are concerned about your health. Thanks again for providing us with the soundtrack to our holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much to your many many many GOOD share, see you in Christmas 2013'!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie -

Thank you again for an amazing Christmas season. When I look over all of the shares you put up this season, I'm amazed at the breadth and depth of the music.

Glad that you are healthy, and feeling better. I'll do my best to find something for you on the wish list this deserve it!



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

ruhual said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for sharing! I've spent much of today perusing several great collections and am looking forward to listening through all I've found this season. I love the torrents and will seed as much as I can.