Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not A Bird

Perhaps you're tired of the bird pictures tonight. If so, then here's a fellow that's most certainly not a bird. I spotted this 6-7' alligator out at Myakka River State Park this afternoon. He was one of three biggies sunning himself along the Powerline Trail. He was also the only one who was out in the open, so his are the only pictures I'm sharing with you. The others were bigger, but if I can't get a clear shot of them, what's the point?  The water level out there is really low, since it's the middle of the dry season around here.  Each of the three gators had staked out a deep hole that was no doubt his and only his.  I guess they just hope it lasts until the rains come.  I think I've read that they'll get down in the hole and wallow around to make it deeper and hold more water, but I don't know if that's true.  Sounds good, though.

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Anonymous said...

I know you have an excellent telephoto lens... but the second photo seems pretty close!