Monday, January 03, 2011

Ibis Aloft

I got a couple of semi-decent shots of some glossy ibis coming in for a landing back on New Year's Eve. A farmer down the road from Mom and Dad's house had put out some bread for his cows, and these guys were coming in to try and grab some treats. They kept circling and I kept shooting, trying to catch the flashes of iridescence as they got into just the right angle. The camera was also having trouble keeping them in focus, so most of my shots showed blurry birds and focused trees, but these two came out OK. I need to do a better job of looking to see what my settings are before I try to shoot something like this. I'm sure a faster shutter speed and a different focusing algorithm would have yielded much better shots. I'm never going to get on the cover of National Geographic at this rate.

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SRQ said...

I asked an employee at a camera shop here recently about following birds with autofocus. (I was having problems keeping them in focus.) He said to use manual focus. Seriously?! Why was autofocus created?!