Monday, September 06, 2010

Chanukah On Labor Day-Part 1

As I'm searching for Christmas music from non-Christmas albums to share out during my Christmas in July celebration, I occasionally come across Chanukah songs as well, although they are few and far between.  And I usually share them out on the first day of August, as soon as my July celebration ends.  But Christmas in July ran all the way into September this year, so this time around you get Chanukah on Labor Day.  Simple, eh?  So what do you get?  Four tracks from the album Hanukkah And Other Hebrew Songs (Tylent TT-1013, Stereo, 1972) by The Gerald Dargis Chorale And Orchestra.  Those four tracks are: Hanukkah Song, A Song Of Hanukkah, and two medleys, Haukkah Holiday: 1. Hanukkah 2. Light The Menorah and Two Songs For Hanukkah: 1. Candlelight 2. Spin My Top.  On top of all that, you get to hear The Weavers performing Sholom Chaverim from their album The Weavers At Carnegie Hall (Vanguard VRS-9010, Mono, 1957).  I think that one alone is worth the price of admission, which is free.  Hope you enjoy these songs, here's the download link!

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mel said...

Thank you for the Chanukah songs, Ernie. I will download them but not listen to them until shortly before the season, as is our custom.

WV = osmastl - sounds Yiddish...