Monday, May 10, 2010

More Birds On The Wing

Next up in tonight's feather-fest are some terns. Royal terns, I think.  Actually, this may all be the same tern, or it may be two individuals. I shot a lot of pictures as they flew back and forth looking for some dinner, and I didn't get his or her name.

These guys fly back and forth very quickly, pausing occasionally when something in the water catches their eye. When the right things catches their eye, they literally fall from the sky, diving into the water, more often than not emerging with their prey. Then they eat it on the wing, unless a seagull happens to spot them. If that happens, there's always a fight.

But I didn't see any gulls during this photo shoot, I was just happy to be able to track the terns as they flew back and forth.

There must not have been too many fish in the water, because I didn't get any shots of them diving.

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