Saturday, September 26, 2009

Somewhere There's A Rainbow

I've been seeing a lot of rainbows the past couple of months, but I've had no luck photographing them. They're either just small sections of arc, or they don't last until I can find a spot to shoot, or it starts raining and I can't get the shot. But I got lucky today. I spotted this full arc as I was on Gandy Blvd, in St. Pete, and I had time to drive down to the bayshore to shoot some shots. The sun was still pretty high in the sky behind me, which worked to my advantage. That meant the bow was low to the ground, and I could fit it all into the frame. However, when the light got really bright and conditions were just right, I couldn't get the entire secondary bow into the shot. Maybe next time. I think these shots really show the difference in light levels above and below the bow. It's darker above because the light that should be there is making the colors of the bow. You can see the difference quite clearly in the two close-up shots below. The shot at the bottom, which is the one that showed the most of the second bow, shows that the dark area is darkest between the two bows. I believe that's called Alexander's Dark Band.


Buster said...

Very nice indeed!

mel said...

Quite brilliant.

Anonymous said...

any one of these photos could have gotten me an umbrella love