Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

I watched as a flock of birds suddenly flew out of a tree today for some unknown reason. I kept watching as they flew across the road towards me, then I finally figured out what they were doing. They were ganging up on this poor hawk and driving him off. Quite successfully, too, I might add. That hawk was flying away just as fast as he could, and I never saw him again. Shame, I wanted to take his picture. But at least I got some cool bird shots before leaving Ohio.

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Lee Hartsfeld said...

Wow. You can sense them saying, "Get out of here!!!" In unison.

Terrific shot. I read somewhere, by the way, that one of Hitchcock's main motivations for doing "The Birds" is because he wanted to use the ad-line "'The Birds' is coming."