Sunday, May 03, 2009

Up, Up And Away

Well, you're looking at the newest way that Disney has found to separate the tourist from his money. For $16, you can ride in this tethered balloon over Downtown Disney. Up it goes, sits there a while, then comes back down. It's an adventure! I guess I would be more excited if it were actually nearer to the parks, but all you're close to is Pleasure Island and the parking lot. Sure, you can see Epcot, but it's in the distance.

Look! There's a Planet Hollywood!


Tommy said...

For Disney's that's good value!

Inside the parks, they'll take photos of you, then try to charge you $15 for a pair of 4 x6 prints.

Want a digital copy instead? $15.

To their credit, they'll also take a photo with your own camera.

Isa Noel Joyeux said...

Beautiful and lovely balloon ! :)