Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not Long Now

I've been out all day, taking pictures up at Hillsborough River State Park. I should have been here at home working on posts for the next week, but I couldn't resist. I did get some nice shots, though, so you'll be seeing some of those pictures in and amongst the 100 posts I intend to make this coming week. I counted up the shots I've made with my current camera, a Canon digital Rebel XSi that I got last May. In less than a year of shooting, I've averaged over 100 pictures a day with it! Now, there are plenty of days I don't go shooting, sometimes I won't take a single picture for a week or more. But when I go out to shoot, I shoot a lot. Like this squirrel above. I got five pictures of him in a very similar pose. Two of them showed him looking straight at the camera. I could have shown you either one of those, but I chose this one at random. It took all of those pictures to get the one I like. And that's why I take so many pictures, to get one I like. I think it's worth it. See you tomorrow!

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Darrin said...

pictures....kinda like life huh? Do as much as possible to find out what you like....very deep IV.