Friday, September 26, 2008

Fabulous Coney Island!

Who wouldn't want to visit Coney Island when they're in New York City? Well, someone who's been to a decent beach really shouldn't. I was terribly depressed by just about everything I saw. I wanted to go out there, and go we did, but what can you expect from a beach with a subway stop? Turns out that it's the end of the line in more ways than one. There were actually permanent signs erected stating not to enter the water. Just great.

Pretty much all of the fairground type attractions were closed. I guess the parachute ride above is one of the symbols of the area, but it looked like it had been closed for years. The rides below had only recently closed, but closed they were.

The only real high point of visiting the beach in Brooklyn was the upside-down girls in bikinis. Can't complain about that.


will1966 said...

Yeah, the Parachute Jump has been closed since 1968. Astroland closed just this year.

Ernie said...

It was in awful good shape to have been shut down for 40 years... I guess they must really love it.