Friday, June 27, 2008

Rock And Roll To The Rescue

Just in case you had any doubt, here I am at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, OH. That's me on the right, turning my bass into a pile of toothpicks. My buddy JR is on the left trying to drum up a storm on a handy stool. And the inside of the Rock Hall actually looks like that, there was no retouching done on that shot. None at all. Trust me. Please ignore my nose growing... The outside of the hall actually looks like a giant pyramid, which I'm sure you know. And in case you wonder why I'm not showing you page after page of cool rock memorabilia, pay attention to the small sign I photographed at the entrance.

(Sorry about the screw-up with these pictures. I guess they weren't visible for a couple of days. I stuck them back up, but they probably won't behave like all the other pictures on the blog.)

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HaarFager said...

Your "bass" is actually a lead guitar. A Fender Stratocastor. I own one like this one that's none more black. (Spinal Tap reference)