Saturday, June 07, 2008

Peacocks, No Peahens

I think I mentioned in my last two posts that I went to The Village on Longboat Key today. Well, there's one thing you have to do when you're in The Village, and that's find the peacocks. That's right, they have feral peacocks that run around the neighborhood, nesting in trees, mating, and keeping folks up all night with their incessant calls. But at least they look really cool. I found two males, but neither one had his tail feathers on full display. In fact, the one above didn't have too many tail feathers at all. I thought perhaps it was molting season, but then I ran across the one below, and he had a nice full tail. I suppose all the peahens were hiding, which is why I didn't see any and these guys weren't strutting around with their tails in the air.

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