Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oodles Of Doodles CCCXLII

A little bit of old-school military might for you here tonight, doodlewise. This artillery comes from the back cover of Felix Slatkin Conducting The Light Brigade-Charge! (Capitol T1270). I don't think this group has anything to do with the Enoch Light big band of the same name. I'm pretty sure Enoch's band was well known by this date, so it's odd that they used the same name. The liner notes make reference to Alfred Lord Tennyson and The Charge Of The Light Brigade, but still... This is the second doodle of a cannon that I've brought you, the other being from the inimitable Billy May. (Speaking of whom, I've got another doodle from one of his records coming up soon.) You know, looking at that other cannon doodle, I'm thinking they are by the same artist. Shame that neither one is signed. Oh, one more thing. Click here for some Felix Slatkin Christmas tunes. Good stuff!

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