Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last Night In Town

Rumor has it that Christine Desiree's Pulse is going to be moved to its new home tomorrow, so I wanted to get out and shoot it for what may be the last time. These first couple of shots feature my 16-point starburst filter. I don't use it too much, but when I find a use for it, it makes for a great effect.

The shot above shows off the image stabilization feature of the new lens pretty well. That's a handheld shot at a pretty low shutter speed, and it's only a little blurry. If it wasn't so late already, I'd take the time to find the least blurry version, but I'm tired. I'll have to go back to the metadata on the original file, but I may have also used the flash on this shot. Not sure... (Nope, no flash, 1/8 sec. exposure) And it wouldn't be Ernie shooting the cube at night if I didn't include at least one of the zoom-with-the-shutter-open pictures. I never get tired of these.

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